About the Podcast

Anyone with a side hustle or creative outlet can feel isolated from friends, family, and others around them who just don’t get their passion. That’s why Head, Heart and Hustle exists – to help you feel motivated, learn, and get a pick-me-up of creative energy from other people like you. Every episode we interview a creative individual who doesn’t just pretend to be creative. They’ve rolled up their sleeves and are producing great things because they need to. They know that being creative is part of who they are.

The Logo

Designed by Meg Shearer, we wanted a podcast logo that evoked old-school tattoos. Rebellious & artistic. Like it? Visit our Redbubble page to get t-shirts, stickers, cell phone cases and more. (You can also find more of Meg’s art at Society6.)

The Music

Starch to Sugar were one of the first interviews completed for the podcast, and out of that discussion, bandmates John Piljer and Matt Taddei created the music you hear in Head, Heart & Hustle. You can find more of their music at the band’s website, as well as their Facebook page.

Latest Episodes